Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God, and serve him, and shalt swear by his name.

General references

Bible References

Shalt swear

Leviticus 19:12
And ye shall not swear in my name for falsehood, and profane the name of thy God: I Jehovah.
Joshua 2:12
And now, swear now to me by Jehovah, as I did with you mercy, and do ye also mercy with the house of my father, and give to me a true sign.
Psalm 15:4
In his eyes a reprobate being despised; and those fearing Jehovah, he will honor. Swearing to the friend, and he will not change.
Psalm 63:11
And the king shall rejoice in God; all swearing in him shall glory: for the mouth of those speaking falsehood shall be stopped.
Isaiah 45:23
By myself I sware the word, justice went forth out of my mouth, and shall not turn back, That to me every knee shall bend, every tongue shall swear.
Isaiah 65:16
That he praising himself in the earth shall praise himself in the true God; and he swearing in the earth, shall swear in the true God; for the former straits were forgotten, and because they were hid from mine eyes.
Jeremiah 4:2
And thou swearest, Jehovah lives in truth, in judgment, and in justice; and the nations were blessed in him, and in him shall they praise.
Jeremiah 5:2
And if Jehovah lives, they will say, for this they will swear to a falsehood.
Jeremiah 12:16
And it was if learning, they shall learn the ways of my people to swear in my name, Jehovah lives; as they taught my people to swear by Baal; and they were built up in the midst of my people.

General references

Deuteronomy 5:11
Thou shalt not lift up the name of Jehovah thy God for evil, for Jehovah will not acquit whoever shall lift up his name for evil.