Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Genesis 11:4
And they will say, Come, we will build to us a city, and a tower, its head to the heavens; and we will make to us a name, lest we shall be dispersed over the face of the earth.
2 Samuel 18:18
And Absalom took and set up for him in his living, a pillar in the valley of the king; for he said, Not to me a son to call my name to mind: and he will call the pillar by his name, and he will call it The Hand of Absalom, even to this day.
Daniel 4:30
The king answered and said, Is not this great Babel, that I built it for the house of the kingdom by the strength of my power, and for the honor of my majesty?

I builded

Deuteronomy 8:12
Lest thou shalt eat and thou wert satisfied, and thou wilt build good houses and thou dwelt;
1 Kings 7:1
And Solomon built his house thirteen years, and he will finish his house.
1 Kings 9:1
And it will be when Solomon finished building the house of Jehovah, and the house of the king, and all the pleasure of Solomon which he desired to do,
1 Kings 15:19
A covenant between me and between thee, between my father and between thy father: behold, I sent to thee a gift of silver and gold; go break thy covenant with Baasha king of Israel, and he will go up from me.
1 Kings 10:19
Six steps to the throne, and the head rounded to the throne from its back parts: and hands hence and thence upon the place of the seat, and two lions standing beside the hands.
2 Chronicles 8:1
And it will be from the end of twenty years, which Solomon built the house of Jehovah and his house,
Psalm 49:11
The midst of them their houses forever, their dwellings to generation and generation; they called in their names upon their lands.

I planted

1 Chronicles 27:27
And over the vineyards, Shimei the Ramothite: and over the increase of the vineyards for the treasures of wine, Zabdi the Shiphmite:
2 Chronicles 26:10
And he will build towers in the desert, and hew out many wells: for there were many cattle to him; and in the low country and in the plain; and husbandmen and vine-dressers in the mountains, and in Carmel: for he was loving the earth.
Song of Songs 1:14
A cluster of cypress my beloved to me in the vineyards of the kids' fountain.
Song of Songs 7:12
We will rise early to the vineyards; we will see if the vine was fruitful, the vine blossoms opened, the pomegranates blossomed: there will I give my beloved to thee.
Song of Songs 8:11
A vineyard was to Solomon in the place of a multitude; he gave the vineyards to those watching; each shall bring in its fruit a thousand of silver.
Isaiah 5:1
I will sing now to my beloved a song of my love for his vineyard. There was a vineyard to my beloved in the horn of the son of oil: