Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Sanctify unto me all the firstborn, whatsoever openeth the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of beast: it is mine.

Bible References


Exodus 13:12
that thou shalt set apart whatsoever is born first, to Yahweh; and, of all firstlings of beasts which thou shalt have, the males, shall pertain to Yahweh.
Exodus 4:22
Then shalt thou say unto Pharaoh, Thus, saith Yahweh - My son - my firstborn, is Israel;
Exodus 22:29
Thy fulness and thine outflow, shalt thou not delay, - the firstborn of thy sons, shalt thou give to me.
Exodus 23:19
The beginning of the firstfruits of thy ground, shalt thou bring into the house of Yahweh thy God. Thou shalt not boil a kid in the milk of its dam.
Exodus 34:19
Every one that is the first to be born, is mine, - and every one of thy cattle that is born a male, firstling of oxen or sheep.
Leviticus 27:26
Only the firstling which is born a firstling to Yahweh, among beasts, no man shall hallow it, - whether ox or sheep, unto Yahweh, it belongeth.
Numbers 3:13
for, mine, is every firstborn, in the day when I smote every firstborn in the land of Egypt, hallowed unto myself every firstborn in Israel, both of man and of beast, - mine, did they become, and belong unto me, Yahweh.
Numbers 8:16
For, given, given, they are unto me, out of the midst of the sons of Israel, - instead of every firstborn that a mother beareth from among the sons of Israel, have I taken them unto me.
Numbers 18:15
every thing that is born first of all flesh that may be offered unto Yahweh among men and among beasts, shall be thine, - only thou shalt, redeem, the firstborn of men, and the firstborn of unclean beasts, shalt thou redeem.
Deuteronomy 15:19
Every firstling that is brought forth in thy herd and in thy flock that is a male, shalt thou hallow unto Yahweh thy God, - thou shalt not work with a firstling of thine oxen, neither shalt thou shear a firstling of thy flock:
Luke 2:23
according as it is written in the law of the Lord - Every male that is a firstborn, Holy unto the Lord, shall be called,
Hebrews 12:23
in high festival, - and unto an assembly of firstborn ones, enrolled in the heavens, - and unto God, judge of all, - and unto the spirits of righteous ones made perfect, -