Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And thou shalt take two onyx stones, and grave on them the names of the children of Israel:

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Exodus 28:20
and the fourth row, a Tarshish stone, a sardonyx, and a jasper, - enclosed with gold, shall they be when they are set.
Exodus 39:13
and the fourth row, a Tarshish stone, a sardonyx, and a jasper, - enclosed in ouches of gold, when they were set
Genesis 2:12
moreover the gold of that and, is good, - there, is the bdellium, and the beryl stone,
Job 28:16
It cannot be put into the scales against the gold of Ophir, with costly onyx, or sapphire;
Ezekiel 28:13
In Eden the garden of God, thou wast. Of every precious stone, was thy covering-Sardius. topaz, and diamond, Chrysolite beryl, and jasper, Sapphire carbuncle and emerald,- And of gold, was the work of thy timbrels and thy flutes within thee, In the day thou wast created, were they prepared:


Exodus 28:36
And thou shalt make a burnished plate, of pure gold, - and shalt engrave thereupon, like the engravings of a seal-ring, Holiness to Yahweh.
Exodus 39:6
And they wrought the onyx stones, enclosed in ouches of gold, - graven with the engravings of a seal-ring, after the names of the sons of Israel.
2 Chronicles 2:7
Now, therefore, send me a wise man, to work in gold and in silver and in bronze and in iron, and in purple and crimson and blue, and skilful to execute gravings, - with the wise men who are with me, in Judah and in Jerusalem, whom my father David did provide.
Song of Songs 8:6
SHESet me as a seal, upon thy heart, as a seal upon thine arm, For, mighty as death, is love, Exacting as hades, is jealousy, - The flames thereof, are flames of fire, The flash of Yah!
Isaiah 49:16
Lo! on the palms of my hands, have portrayed thee, - Thy walls are before me continually.

General references

Exodus 35:9
and onyx stones and setting stones, for the ephod, and for the breastpiece.