Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And when Moses saw that the people were naked; (for Aaron had made them naked unto their shame among their enemies:)

General references

Bible References


Exodus 33:4
And when the people heard these evil tidings, they afflicted themselves, - and they put not, any man, his ornaments upon him.
Genesis 3:10
And he said, The sound of thee, heard I in the garden, and I was afraid, for, naked, was I, so I hid myself.
Isaiah 47:3
Bared shall be thy shame, Yea seen thy reproach, - An avenging, will I take, And will accept no son of earth.
Hosea 2:3
Lest I strip off her under-clothing, and set her forth to view, as in the day she was born, - and make her like a wilderness, and render her like a land that is parched, and suffer her to die of thirst;
Micah 1:11
Pass thou over (for you), thou inhabitress of Shaphir, of disgraceful disclosure, - the inhabitress of Zaanan, hath not gone forth, at the lamentation of Beth-ezel, shall he take from you his station,
Revelation 3:17
Because thou sayest, Rich, am I, and have become enriched, and, of nothing, have I need, and knowest not that, thou, art the wretched one, and pitiable, and destitute, and blind, and naked,
Revelation 16:15
Lo! I come as a thief! Happy, he that is watching, and keeping his garments, lest, naked, he be walking, and they see his shame. -


Deuteronomy 9:20
And with Aaron, did Yahweh show himself exceedingly angry, to destroy him, - so I prostrated myself, even in behalf of Aaron at that time.
2 Chronicles 28:19
For Yahweh had brought Judah low, because of Ahaz king of Israel, - for he had given the rein in Judah, and, been grievously unfaithful, with Yahweh.


Ezekiel 16:63
To the end thou mayest remember and turn pale, and there be to thee no more, an opening of mouth, because of thy reproach,- In that I have accepted a propitiatory covering for thee as to all that thou hast done, Declareth My Lord. Yahweh.
Daniel 12:2
and, many of the sleepers in the dusty ground, shall awake, - these, shall be to age-abiding life, but, those, to reproach, and age-abiding abhorrence;
Romans 6:21
What fruit, therefore, had ye then - in things for which ye now are taking shame to yourselves? For, the end of those things, is death.

General references

Exodus 32:35
And Yahweh plagued the people, - for what they had done with the calf, which Aaron made.