Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Likewise, thou son of man, set thy face against the daughters of thy people, which prophesy out of their own heart; and prophesy thou against them,

The daughters

Bible References

Set thy

Ezekiel 4:3
And thou, take to thee an iron pan and give it a wall of iron between thee and between the city: and prepare thy face against it, and she was in siege, and press upon her. This a sign to the house of Israel.
Ezekiel 20:46
Son of man, set thy face the way of the south, and drop to the south, and prophesy against the forest of the south field.
Ezekiel 21:2
Son of man, set thy face to Jerusalem, and drop to the holy places, and prophesy to the land of Israel;

The daughters

Isaiah 3:16
And Jehovah will say, Because the daughters of Zion were lifted up, and they will go extending the neck and ogling their eyes, going and tripping their going, and binding back their feet:
Isaiah 4:4
When Jehovah washed out the excrements of the daughters of Zion, and he shall cleanse the blood of Jerusalem from her midst with the spirit of judgment, and with the spirit of burning.


Judges 4:4
And Deborah, a woman, a prophetess, wife to Lapidoth, she judged Israel in that time.
2 Kings 22:14
And Hilkiah the priest went, and Ahikam and Achbor, and Shaphan, and Asahiah, to Huldah the prophetess wife of Shallum, son of Tikvah, son of Harhas, watching the garments; (and she dwelt in Jerusalem in the second rank;) and they will speak to her.
Luke 2:36
And Anna was a prophetess, daughter of flannel, of the tribe of Aser : she advanced in many days, having lived with a husband seven years from her virginity;
2 Peter 2:1
And also were there false prophets among the people, as also among you shall be false teachers, who shall privately bring in doctrines of perdition, and denying the master having purchased them, having brought upon themselves swift destruction.

Out of

Ezekiel 13:2
Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel prophesying, and say to them prophesying from their heart, Hear ye the word of Jehovah.
Revelation 2:20
But I have a few things against thee, for thou sufferest the woman Jezebel, calling herself a prophetess, to teach and to lead my servants astray to commit fornication, and to eat things offered to idols.