1 And the word of Jehovah will be to me, saying, 2 Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel prophesying, and say to them prophesying from their heart, Hear ye the word of Jehovah. 3 Thus said the Lord Jehovah: Wo upon the foolish prophets which are going after their spirit, and they saw not 4 Thy prophets were as the foxes in the sterile regions, Israel 5 Ye went not up into the breaches, and ye will wall in the wall upon the house of Israel to stand in the war in the day of Jehovah. 6 They saw vanity and a divination of falsehood, saying, says Jehovah: and Jehovah sent them not: and they waited to raise up the word. 7 Saw ye not a vision of falsehood, and ye said, a divination of a lie, and saying, says Jehovah; and I spake not
8 For this, thus said the Lord Jehovah: Because ye spake falsehood and saw a lie, for this, behold me against you, said the Lord Jehovah. 9 And mine hand shall be upon the prophets seeing falsehood, and divining a lie: they shall not be in the assembly of my people, and they shall not be written in the writing of the house of Israel, and to the land of Israel they shall not come in; and ye knew that I am the Lord Jehovah.
10 Because, and because they led my people astray, saying, Peace; and no peace; and he built a wall and they plastering it with plaster: 11 Say to them plastering with plaster: And it shall fall: there was a violent rain poured out; and ye, O hailstones, shall fall; and the spirit of storms shall rend. 12 And behold, the wall fell; shall it not be said to you, Where the plastering which ye plastered?
13 For this, thus said the Lord Jehovah: I rent a spirit of storms in my wrath; and there shall be a violent shower overflowing in mine anger, and stones of hail in my wrath to finish. 14 And I broke in pieces the wall which ye plastered with plaster, and I caused it to touch the earth, and its foundation was uncovered and it fell, and ye were consumed in its midst: and ye knew that I am Jehovah. 15 And I finished my wrath upon the wall, and upon those plastering it with plaster, and saying to you, No wall, and none plastering it; 16 The prophets of Israel prophesying to Jerusalem, and seeing for her a vision of peace, and no peace, says the Lord Jehovah.
17 And thou son of man, set thy face against the daughters of thy people prophesying from their heart, and prophesy thou against them. 18 And say, Thus said the Lord Jehovah: Wo to them sewing together cushions for all the joints of the hands, and making cushions upon the head of every height to lie in wait for souls! will ye lie in wait for the souls to my people, and will ye preserve alive the souls to you? 19 Ye will profane me to my people for handfuls of barley and for morsels of bread, to kill the souls which shall not die, and to preserve alive the souls which shall not live, by your falsehood to my people hearing the falsehood?
20 For this, thus said the Lord Jehovah: Behold me against your pillows with which ye lie in wait there for the souls to break forth, and I rent them from your arms, and I sent away the souls, the souls which ye lie in wait for to break forth. 21 And I rent your cushions and I delivered my people from your hand, and they shall no more be in your hand for being laid in wait for; and ye knew that I am Jehovah. 22 Because ye afflicted the heart of the just one with falsehood, and I afflicted him not; and to strengthen the hands of the evil one not to turn back from his evil way, to preserve him alive. 23 For this, ye shall not see falsehood, and ye shall no more divine a divination: and I delivered my people from your hand: and ye knew that I am Jehovah.