Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


They have seen vanity and lying divination, saying, The LORD saith: and the LORD hath not sent them: and they have made others to hope that they would confirm the word.

Bible References

Have seen

Ezekiel 13:23
For this, ye shall not see falsehood, and ye shall no more divine a divination: and I delivered my people from your hand: and ye knew that I am Jehovah.
Ezekiel 12:23
For this, say to them, Thus said the Lord Jehovah: I caused this parable to cease, and they shall no more use it for a parable in Israel; but speak to them: The days drew near, and the word of every vision.
Ezekiel 22:28
And her prophets plastered plaster upon them, seeing vanity, and divining to them falsehood, saying Thus said the Lord Jehovah; and Jehovah spoke not
Lamentations 2:14
Thy prophets saw for thee vanity and a foolish thing, and they uncovered not upon thine iniquity to turn back thy captivity; and they will see for thee burdens of falsehood and seductions.
2 Peter 2:18
For speaking excessive things of vanity, they decoy with the eager desires of the flesh, for licentiousness, them having truly escaped from those turned back in error.


Ezekiel 21:23
And it was to them as a divination of falsehood in their eyes, swearing an oath to them, remembering iniquity to be taken.
Jeremiah 14:14
And Jehovah will say to me, The prophets are prophesying a lie in my name: I sent them not, and I commanded them not, and I spake not to them: a vision of falsehood and a divination, and nought, and the deceit of their heart they are prophesying to you.
Jeremiah 29:8
For thus said Jehovah of armies, God of Israel, Your prophets in the midst of you shall not deceive to you, and your diviners and you shall not hear to your dreams which ye dream.
Zechariah 10:2
For the family gods spake vanity, and the diviners saw falsehood, and they will speak dreams of falsehood they will comfort in vain: for this, they removed as a flock, they were afflicted for there was no shepherd.


Ezekiel 13:7
Saw ye not a vision of falsehood, and ye said, a divination of a lie, and saying, says Jehovah; and I spake not
Jeremiah 23:31
Behold me against the prophets, says Jehovah, taking their tongue, and they will mutter an oracle.
Jeremiah 28:2
Thus said Jehovah of armies, God of Israel, saving, I broke the yoke of the king of BabeL


Ezekiel 13:22
Because ye afflicted the heart of the just one with falsehood, and I afflicted him not; and to strengthen the hands of the evil one not to turn back from his evil way, to preserve him alive.
1 Kings 22:6
And the king of Israel will gather together the prophets, about four hundred men, and he will say to them. Shall I go to Ramoth-Gilead to war, or shall I desist? and they will say, Go up; and Jehovah will give into the hand of the king.
Proverbs 14:15
The simple will believe to every word: and the prudent will understand to his going.
Jeremiah 29:31
Send to all the captivity, saying, Thus said Jehovah to Shemaiah the Nehelamite; Because Shemaiah prophesied to you, and I sent him not, and he will cause you to trust in falsehood:
Jeremiah 37:19
And where now your prophets who prophesied to you, saying, The king of Babel shall not come against you and against this land?
Mark 13:6
For many shall come in my name, saying, That I am; and they shall lead many astray.
2 Thessalonians 2:11
And for this, God shall send them the energy of error, for them to believe in falsehood: