Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And say to the land of Israel, Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I am against thee, and will draw forth my sword out of his sheath, and will cut off from thee the righteous and the wicked.

General references

Bible References

Will draw

Ezekiel 21:9
Son of man, Prophesy and thou shalt say, Thus saith My Lord, - Say, A sword! a sword! Sharpened moreover also furbished:
Ezekiel 5:12
The third part of thee by pestilence, shall die, and by famine, be consumed in thy midst And the third part by the sword, shall fall round about thee,- And the third part to every wind, will I scatter, and a sword, will I make bare after them.
Ezekiel 14:17
Or, a sword, I should bring upon that land, and should say. O sword! thou shalt go through the land, and so I should cut off therefrom, man and beast,
Exodus 15:9
Said the fee - I will pursue - overtake divide spoil, - Take her fill of them - shall my soul, I will bare my sword, root them out - shall my hand.
Leviticus 26:25
And will bring in upon you a sword that shall inflict the covenanted avenging: So shall ye be gathered into your cities, - Then will I send a pestilence into your midst, And ye shall be delivered into the hand of an enemy.
Deuteronomy 32:41
If I whet my flashing sword, And my hand take bold on justice, I will return vengeance unto mine adversaries, And them who hate me, will I requite:
Psalm 17:13
Rise, Yahweh! Confront his face, Bring him down, Deliver my soul from the lawless one who is thy sword:
Isaiah 10:5
Alas! for Assyria, the rod of mine anger, - Yea, the very staff in their hand, is, my displeasure:
Isaiah 34:5
For my sword hath been sated in the heavens, - Lo! upon Edom, shall it descend, Even on the people whom I have devoted to justice.
Jeremiah 47:6
Ah! thou sword of Yahweh, How long, wilt thou not be quiet? Withdraw into thy scabbard, Rest thyself and be still.
Jeremiah 51:20
A war-club, art thou for me, Weapons of war; Therefore will I Beat down with thee - nations, and Destroy with thee - kingdoms;
Zephaniah 2:12
Even ye Ethiopians, the slain of my sword were they!
Zechariah 13:7
O Sword! awake against my shepherd, even against the man that is my companion, urgeth Yahweh of hosts, - Smite the shepherd, and let the flock, be scattered, Howbeit I will turn back my hand over the little ones.

The righteous

Ezekiel 9:5
But unto these, said he in mine ears, Pass along through the city after him and smite, - let not your eyes shield, neither have ye pity:
Job 9:22
One thing, there is, for which cause, I have said it, The blameless and the lawless, he bringeth to an end.
Ecclesiastes 9:2
Every one, was like every one else, one destiny, had the righteous and the lawless, the good and the pure and the impure, and he that sacrificed, and he that did not sacrifice, - as the good man, so, the sinner, he that took an oath, as he who, of an oath, stood in fear.
Jeremiah 15:2
And it shall come to pass when they say unto thee Whither shall we go? Then shalt, thou say unto them, Thus saith Yahweh - Such as are for death, to death, and Such as are for t he sword, to the sword, and Such as are for famine, to the famine, and Such as are for captivity, to captivity.

General references

Luke 23:31
Because if, in moist wood, these things, they are doing, - in, the dry, what shall happen?