Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold, it shall come down upon Idumea, and upon the people of my curse, to judgment.

Bible References

My sword

Deuteronomy 32:14
Curds of kine and milk of sheep, - With fat of well-fed lambs, Yea rams bred in Bashan, and he-goats, With the white of the kernels of wheat, - And, the blood of the grape, thou didst drink as it foamed.
Psalm 17:13
Rise, Yahweh! Confront his face, Bring him down, Deliver my soul from the lawless one who is thy sword:
Jeremiah 46:10
A day of avenging, to avenge him of his adversaries, When the sword shall devour and be filled, and be sated with their blood, - For, a sacrifice, hath My Lord, Yahweh of hosts, In the land of the North Towards the river Euphrates.
Jeremiah 47:6
Ah! thou sword of Yahweh, How long, wilt thou not be quiet? Withdraw into thy scabbard, Rest thyself and be still.
Ezekiel 21:3
Thou shalt say then to the so of Israel Thus saith Yahweh, Behold me against thee, Therefore will I bring forth my sword out of its sheath, - and will cut off from thee the righteous and the lawless.
Zephaniah 2:12
Even ye Ethiopians, the slain of my sword were they!
Revelation 1:16
And, having in his right hand, seven stars, and, out of his mouth, a sharp, two-edged sword, going forth; and, his whole appearance, as when, the sun, shineth in its strength.

Upon idumea

Isaiah 63:1
Who is this coming in from Edom With bright-red garments, from Bozrah? This made splendid in his raiment, Marching on in the greatness of his strength? I, speaking in righteousness, Mighty to save.
Psalm 137:7
Remember, O Yahweh, against the sons of Edom, the day of Jerusalem, - how they continued to say - Overthrow! Overthrow! unto the foundation within it.
Jeremiah 49:7
Of Edom - Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, Is there no longer wisdom in Teman? Hath counsel perished from the discerning? Is their wisdom corrupt?
Ezekiel 25:12
Thus, saith My Lord. Yahweh, Because of what Edom hath done, in taking vengeance on the house of Judah, so that they have become guilty again and again and have taken vengeance upon then I
Amos 1:11
Thus, saith Yahweh, Because of three transgressions of Edom, and because of four, will I not turn it back, - Because he pursued, with the sword, his brother, and stifled his compassions, and his anger tare in pieces evermore, and, his indignation, kept watch perpetually,
Obadiah 1:1
The vision of Obadiah, - Thus, saith My Lord, Yahweh, concerning Edom - A rumour, have we heard from Yahweh, and, a herald, throughout the nations, hath been sent, Up! and let us rise against her to war.
Malachi 1:4
Whereas Edom, may say, We are laid waste, but we will again build the desolate places, Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, They, may build, but, I, will pull down, - and men shall call them, The Boundary of Lawlessness, and, The people with whom Yahweh hath indignation unto times age-abiding;

General references

Numbers 24:18
So Edom hath become a possession, Yea a possession is Seir to his foes, - But, Israel, is doing valiantly;
Isaiah 66:16
For, by fire, will Yahweh enter into judgment, And by his sword, with all flesh, - And many shall be the slain of Yahweh.
Ezekiel 32:4
And I will stretch thee out on the land, Over the face of the field, will I fling thee,- And will cause to settle upon thee all the birds of the heavens, And will satiate with thee the wild beasts of all the earth;
Ezekiel 35:8
And I will fill his mountains with his slain, - As for thy hills and thy hollows and all thy channels, they who are thrust through by the sword shall fall therein: