1 O thoughtless Galatians! who hath bewitched you, - before whose very eyes, Jesus Christ, was openly set forth as a crucified one? 2 This only, am I wishing to learn from you: - by works of law, received ye, the Spirit? or by a believed report? 3 So thoughtless, are ye? Having made a beginning in Spirit, are ye, now, in flesh, to be made complete? 4 Such things, suffered ye, in vain, - if at least it is even in vain? 5 He then who was supplying unto you the Spirit, and energising mighty works among you, by works of law, or by a believed report did he it ?
6 Even as Abraham - believed in God, and it was reckoned unto him as righteousness. 7 Be taking note, therefore - that, they who are of faith, the same, are, sons, of Abraham; 8 And, the scripture, foreseeing, that, by faith, God would declare the nations righteous, fore-announced the good news unto Abraham, saying, All the nations shall be blessed in thee. 9 So then, they who are of faith, are blessed with believing Abraham;
10 For, as many as are of works of law, are, under a curse, - for it is written - Accursed, is everyone that continueth not in all things that are written in the book of the law to do them. 11 Moreover, that, in law, no one, is declared righteous with God, is evident, - because, The righteous one, by faith, shall live; 12 And, the law, is not of faith, but - he that hath done them, shall live in them, 13 Christ, hath redeemed, us, out of the curse of the law, having become, in our behalf, a curse; - because it is written - Cursed, is every one that hangeth upon a tree; - 14 In order that, unto the nations, the blessing of Abraham, might come about in Jesus Christ, - in order that, the promise of the Spirit, we might receive through means of the faith.
15 Brethren! in human fashion, am I speaking: yet still, a man's confirmed covenant, no one setteth aside or addeth unto: 16 Now, unto Abraham, were spoken the promises - and unto his seed; - He saith not - and unto thy seeds, as of many, but, as of one - and unto thy seed, which is Christ: 17 And, this, I say - a covenant previously confirmed by God, the law which, after four hundred and thirty years, hath been brought into being, doth not annul, so as to do away with the promise. 18 For, if, by law, is the inheritance, it is, no longer, by promise; but, unto Abraham, through promise, hath God favoured it.
19 Why, then, the law? Because of the transgressions, it was added, until such time as the seed should come, unto whom the promise had been made, and was given in charge through messengers, at the hand of a mediator; 20 Now, a mediator, is not a mediator of one, but, God, is, one. 21 Is, the law, then, against the promises of God? Far be it! For, if a law had been given, which had been able to give life, verily, in law, would have been our righteousness; 22 But the Scripture, did shut up, all things, under sin, that, the promise by faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to them who have faith, 23 Before the coming of the faith, however, under law, were we being kept in ward, being shut up unto the faith which should afterwards, be revealed. 24 So that, the law, hath proved, our tutor, training us, for Christ, in order that, by faith, we might be declared righteous; 25 But, the faith having come, no longer, are we, under a tutor; - 26 For ye, all, are, sons of God, through the faith in Christ Jesus;
27 For ye, as many as, into Christ, have been immersed, have put Christ, on: 28 There cannot be Jew or Greek, there cannot be bond or free, there cannot be male and female, for, all ye, are one, in Christ Jesus: 29 Now, if, ye, are of Christ, by consequence ye are, Abraham's seed, according to promise, heirs.