Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And Joseph said unto them the third day, This do, and live; for I fear God:

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I fear god

Genesis 20:11
And Abraham will say, For I said, Surely there is not the fear of God in this place; and they will kill me because of my wife.
Leviticus 25:43
Thou shalt not rule over him with crushing, and thou shalt be afraid of thy God.
Nehemiah 5:9
And it will be said, Not good the word which ye do: will ye not go in the fear of our God from the reproach of the nations our enemies?
Luke 18:2
Saying, There was a certain judge in a certain city, fearing not God, and not occupied about man:

General references

Genesis 44:23
And thou wilt say to thy servants, If your little brother shall not come down with you, ye shall not add to see my face.