1 I stood upon my watch, and set me upon my bulwark, to look and see what he would say unto me, and what answer I should give him that reproveth me.
2 But the LORD answered me, and said, "Write the vision plainly upon thy tables, that whoso cometh by, may read it: 3 for the vision is yet far off for a time, but at the last it shall come to pass, and not fail. And though he tarry, yet wait thou for him, for in very deed he will come, and not be slack. 4 Behold, whoso will not believe, his soul shall not prosper: but the just shall live by his faith. 5 Like as the wine deceiveth the drunkard, even so the proud shall fail and not endure. He openeth his desire wide up as the hell, and is as insatiable as death. All Heathen gathereth he to him, and heapeth unto him all people."
6 But shall not all these take up a proverb against him, and mock him with a byword, and say, "Woe unto him that heapeth up other men's goods: How long will he lade himself with thick clay?" 7 O how suddenly will they stand up, that shall bite thee, and awake, that shall tear thee in pieces? Yea, thou shalt be their prey. 8 Seeing thou hast spoiled many Heathen, therefore shall the remnant of the people spoil thee: because of men's blood, and for the wrong done in the land, in the city and unto all them that dwell therein.
9 Woe unto him, that covetously gathereth evil gotten goods into his house: that he may set his nest on high, to escape from the power of misfortune. 10 Thou hast devised the shame of thine own house, for thou hast slain too much people, and hast willfully offended: 11 so that the very stones of the wall shall cry out of it, and the timber that lieth betwixt the joints of the building shall answer.
12 Woe unto him, that buildeth the town with blood, and maintaineth the city with unrighteousness. 13 Shall not the LORD of Hosts bring this to pass, that the laborers of the people shall be burnt with a great fire, and that the thing whereupon the people have wearied themselves, shall be lost? 14 For the earth shall be full of knowledge of the LORD's honour, like as the waters that cover the sea.
15 Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, to get him wrathful displeasure for his drunkenness: that he may see his privities. 16 Therefore with shame shalt thou be filled, instead of honour. Drink thou also, till thou slumber withal: for the cup of the LORD's righthand shall compass thee about, and shameful spewing instead of thy worship. 17 For the wrong that thou hast done in Lebanon shall overwhelm thee, and the wild beasts shall make thee afraid: because of men's blood, and for the wrong done in the land, in the city, and to all such as dwell therein.
18 What help then will the Image do, whom the workman hath fashioned? Or the vain cast Image, wherein because the craftsmen putteth his trust, therefore maketh he dumb Idols? 19 Woe unto him, that sayeth unto a piece of wood, "Arise," and to a dumb stone, "Stand up." For what instruction may such one give? Behold, it is laid over with gold and silver, and there is no breath in it.
20 But the LORD in his holy temple is he, whom all the world should fear.