1 A Prayer by Habakkuk the prophet upon songs
2 O Jehovah, I heard thy report, I was afraid: O Jehovah, preserve alive thy work in the midst of years, in the midst of years make known; in anger thou wilt remember mercy.
3 God will come from Teman, and the Holy One from mount Paran Silence. His majesty covered the heavens, and his praise filled the earth. 4 And the brightness will be as the light; horns to him from his hand; and he set the hiding of his strength. 5 Before his face shall go the word, and a flame will go forth at his feet. 6 He stood, and he will measure the earth: he saw, and he will cause the nations to tremble, and the mountains of eternity will be dispersed, the perpetual hills bowed down: the goings everlasting to him. 7 I saw the tents of Cushan under vanity: the curtains of the land of strife shall be moved. 8 Was Jehovah angry against the rivers? if thine anger against the rivers? if thy wrath against the sea? if thou wilt ride upon thy horses, thy chariots of salvation? 9 In nakedness thou shalt raise thy bow, the oaths of the tribes, he said. Silence. Thou wilt divide the earth with rivers. 10 They saw thee, the mountains shall tremble: the pouring of the waters passed by: the deep gave his voice, he lifted up his hands on high. 11 The sun, the moon stood in her habitation: at the light of thine arrows they will go, at the shining of the lightning of thy spear. 12 In wrath thou wilt march through the land in anger, thou wilt thresh the nations 13 Thou wentest forth to save thy people, to save thy Messiah; thou didst crush the head from the house of the unjust, making naked the foundation, even to the neck. Silence. 14 Thou didst pierce with rods the head of the leader: they will rush on as a tempest to scatter me their exultation as to devour the poor in secret 15 Thou didst tread upon the sea with thy horses, the heap of many waters
16 I heard and my belly will tremble; at the voice my lips quivered: rottenness will come into my bones, and I shall tremble under me that I shall rest at the day of straits: to come up to the people he will invade him. 17 If the fig tree shall not blossom, and no produce in the vines; the work of the olive failed, and the fields made not food; and the sheep being cut off from the fold, and no oxen in the stalls. 18 I will exult in Jehovah, I will rejoice in the God saving me. 19 Jehovah the Lord my strength, and he will set my feet as the hinds, and upon my heights he will cause me to tread. For the overseer upon my stringed instruments.