Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Now therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways.

Bible References


Haggai 1:7
Thus said Jehovah of armies: Set your hearts upon your ways.
Haggai 2:15
And now, set now your heart from this day and upward, before setting stone upon stone in the temple of Jehovah.
Lamentations 3:40
We will search out our ways, and examine and turn back even to Jehovah.
Ezekiel 18:28
And he will see and turn back from all his transgressions which he did, living, he shall live; he shall not die.
Luke 15:17
And having come to himself, he said, Many hired of my father abound in loaves, and I am perishing with hunger!
2 Corinthians 13:5
Try yourselves, if ye are in the faith; prove yourselves. Or know ye not yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you, unless ye are not tried?
Galatians 6:4
And let each try his own work, and then in himself alone will he have boasting, and not in another.

Consider your ways

Exodus 7:23
And Pharaoh will turn and will go to his house, and he did not set his heart also to this
Exodus 9:21
And he who set not his heart to the word of Jehovah, will leave his servants and his cattle in the field.
Daniel 6:14
Then the king as soon as he heard the word, was greatly displeased with himself, and upon Daniel he set the heart to set him free: and even to the going down of the sun he was exerting himself to deliver him.
Daniel 10:12
And he will say to me, Thou shalt not fear, Daniel: for from the first day that thou gavest thy heart to understand, and to humble thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I came for thy words.

General references

Leviticus 19:25
And in the fifth year ye shall eat its fruits, to add to you its produce. I Jehovah your God.
Proverbs 3:9
Honor Jehovah from thy substance, and from the first-fruits of all thy produce.
Haggai 1:7
Thus said Jehovah of armies: Set your hearts upon your ways.