Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But in those sacrifices there is a remembrance again made of sins every year.

Bible References

A remembrance

Hebrews 9:7
And into the second the chief priest alone once a year, not without blood, which he brings near for himself, and the errors of the people:
Exodus 30:10
And Aaron to expiate upon its horns once in a year, from the blood of the sin of the expiation: once in a year he shall expiate upon it for your generations: it is holy of holies to Jehovah.
Leviticus 16:6
And Aaron brought near the bullock of sin, which was to him, and he expiated for himself and for his house.
Leviticus 23:27
But in this tenth of the seventh month, a day of expiation; shall be a holy calling to you, and ye humbled your souls, and brought a sacrifice to Jehovah.
Numbers 29:7
And in the tenth to this seventh month a holy calling shall be to you: ye afflicted your souls: all work ye shall not do.
1 Kings 17:18
And she will say to Elijah, What to me and to thee, thou man of God? camest thou to me to bring to remembrance mine iniquity, and to kill my son?
Matthew 26:28
For this is my blood, that of the new covenant, having been poured out for many, for the remission of sins.