Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham.

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Hebrews 6:16
For people make vows by someone greater [than themselves], and an argument is settled when someone takes an oath [that he is telling the truth].
Hebrews 12:10
For our human fathers disciplined us for a short time as it seemed best to them; but God disciplines us for our [spiritual] good, so that we may share in His holiness.
Romans 2:25
Now the practice of circumcision [i.e., the Jewish rite of identity, signifying the responsibility to observe the law of Moses] is worthwhile, providing you obey [the rest of] the law of Moses. But if you disobey the law, you might as well have never been circumcised.
1 Peter 1:20
For Christ was previously known [by God, even] before the world was created, yet was not fully revealed for your benefit until [these] final times.

Took not, etc

Matthew 1:1
[This is] a record of the family background of Jesus Christ, the descendant of David, who was the descendant of Abraham. [Note: The following is an incomplete lineage through Jesus' step-father Joseph].
Romans 4:16
For this reason, the promise [i.e., of being made right with God] comes through faith [in God], according to His unearned favor, so that it may be [given] with certainty to all of Abraham's descendants. The promise is given not only to those [who live] under the law [i.e., the Jews], but also to [all] those [who live] by faith, like Abraham. Abraham is the [spiritual] father of all of us [believers],
Galatians 3:16
Now [specific] promises were made to Abraham and to his seed [i.e., descendants]. [God] did not say "seeds" [plural] as though He were referring to many persons but "seed" [singular] showing that He meant one [descendant]; [Gen. 13:15 says] "And to your seed," referring to Christ.

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John 11:35
Jesus shed tears.