Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it the people received the law,) what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron?

Bible References


Hebrews 7:18
For on one hand, the previous command [i.e., the law of Moses] was set aside because it was weak and useless,
Hebrews 8:7
For if that first Agreement had been faultless, then there would have been no need for a second one.
Hebrews 10:1
For the law of Moses was [only] a foreshadow of the good things that [were] to come [i.e., in the Messianic age], not the exact image of those things. It can never, by the same sacrifices, continually offered year after year, make [morally] perfect those who draw near [to God in worship].
Galatians 2:21
[In doing this] I am not trying to disregard God's unearned favor, for if a person could become right with God by [perfect obedience to the requirements of] the law of Moses, then Christ died for nothing.
Galatians 4:3
So also, when we [Jews] were like children, we were under bondage to the basic worldly rules [of the law of Moses].
Colossians 2:10
and you people have been made full [i.e., spiritually complete] in [fellowship with] Him, who is the [spiritual] head over all who rule and have authority.


Hebrews 7:26
For Jesus was a very suitable head priest for us [i.e., He meets our needs very well], because He was holy, innocent, without [moral] corruption, separated from sinners and [exalted] above the heavens.


Hebrews 7:15
And this is even clearer if another priest like Melchizedek arises,
Hebrews 5:6
And He says in another place [Psa. 110:4], "You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek." [Note: This is the first mention of this mysterious Old Testament priest who, throughout this book, is represented as a type of Christ].
Hebrews 6:20
where Jesus, our forerunner, [already] entered on our behalf, having become a Head Priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.