Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil;

Bible References

Put away

Isaiah 55:6
Make search for the Lord while he is there, make prayer to him while he is near:
Ezekiel 18:30
For this cause I will be your judge, O children of Israel, judging every man by his ways, says the Lord. Come back and be turned from all your sins; so that they may not be the cause of your falling into evil.
Zechariah 1:3
And you are to say to them, These are the words of the Lord of armies: Come back to me, says the Lord of armies, and I will come back to you.
Matthew 3:8
Let your change of heart be seen in your works:
Ephesians 4:22
That you are to put away, in relation to your earlier way of life, the old man, which has become evil by love of deceit;
Titus 2:11
For the grace of God has come, giving salvation to all men,
1 Peter 2:1
So putting away all wrongdoing, and all tricks and deceits and envies and evil talk,


Psalm 34:14
Be turned from evil, and do good; make a search for peace, desiring it with all your heart.
Psalm 37:27
Be turned from evil, and do good; and your place will be for ever.
Amos 5:15
Be haters of evil and lovers of good, and let right be done in the public place: it may be that the Lord, the God of armies, will have mercy on the rest of Joseph.
Romans 12:9
Let love be without deceit. Be haters of what is evil; keep your minds fixed on what is good.
Ephesians 4:25
And so, putting away false words, let everyone say what is true to his neighbour: for we are parts one of another.
1 Peter 3:11
And let him be turned from evil and do good; searching for peace and going after it with all his heart.

General references

Leviticus 15:5
And anyone touching his bed is to have his clothing washed and his body bathed in water and be unclean till evening.
Leviticus 26:23
And if by these things you will not be turned to me, but still go against me;
Job 9:30
If I am washed with snow water, and make my hands clean with soap;

Basic English, produced by Mr C. K. Ogden of the Orthological Institute - public domain