1 Wo to those going down to Egypt for help; and they will look upon horses, and trust upon chariots, because they are many; and upon horsemen because they were strong greatly; and they looked not upon the Holy One of Israel, and sought not Jehovah. 2 And he also being wise and he will bring evil, and he removed not his words: and he rose up against the house of those doing evil, and against the help of those working vanity. 3 And the Egyptians, men and not God; and their horses, flesh and not spirit And Jehovah will stretch forth his hand, and he helping became weak, and he being helped, fell, and together shall they all be finished.
4 For thus spake Jehovah to me, As the lion shall growl, and the young lion over his prey, when a fulness of shepherds shall be called against him, from their voice shall he not be terrified, and shall not he be humbled from their noise: thus shalt Jehovah of armies come down to war from mount Zion and for its hill.
5 Its birds flying, so will Jehovah of armies cover over Jerusalem, covering and he delivered; and passing over he saved.
6 Turn ye back to him against whom the sons of Israel made a deep turning away. 7 For in that day they shall reject a man the vanities of his silver, and the vanities of his gold which your hands made for you to sin.
8 And Assur fell by the sword, not of a man, and the sword not of a man, shall consume him, and he fled for himself from the face of the sword, and his young men shall be for tribute. 9 And his rock shall pass through from fear, and his chiefs were terrified from the signal, says Jehovah whose light to him in Zion, and furnace to him in Jerusalem.