1 Wilderness and parched land, shall be glad for them, - And the waste plain, shall exult, and blossom as the lily: 2 It shall, blossom abundantly, and exult, Yea with exultation and shouts of triumph, The glory of Lebanon, hath been given to it, The splendour of Carmel, and Sharon, - They, shall see the glory of Yahweh, the splendour of our God. 3 Strengthen ye the weak hands, - The trembling knees, make ye firm: 4 Say to the hurried in heart, Be strong, Do not fear, - Lo! your God, with avenging, doth come, With the recompence of God, He, doth come to save you. 5 Then, shall be opened the eyes of the blind, - And, the ears of the deaf, be unstopped: 6 Then, shall leap as a hart the lame, Then shall shout the tongue of the dumb, For, there have broken forth - In the desert - waters, And streams, in the waste plain: 7 Then shall the glowing sand, become a lake, And thirsty ground - springs of water, - In the home of the wild dog - its lair, Shall he an enclosure for cane and paper - reed. 8 And there shall be there, a raised way - even a high road, And the Highroad of Holiness, shall it be called, There shall not pass over it one who is unclean; But He Himself, shall be one of them travelling the road, And the perverse, shall not stray thereinto . 9 There shall be, there, no lion, Nor shall ravenous beast, go up thereon, It shall not be found, there, - Thus, shall travel the redeemed; 10 And the ransomed of Yahweh! shall return, And shall enter Zion with shouting, With gladness age-abiding, upon their head, Joy and gladness shall overtake them, And sorrow and sighing, shall flee away.