1 What is he, this that cometh from Edom, with stained red clothes of Bozrah, which is so costly cloth, and cometh in so nimbly with all his strength? "I am he that teacheth righteousness, and am of power to help."
2 Wherefore then is thy clothing red, and thy raiment like his that treadeth in the winepress?
3 "I have trodden the press myself alone, and of all people, there was not one with me. Thus have I trodden down mine enemies in my wrath, and set my feet upon them in my indignation: And their blood sprang upon my clothes, and so have I stained all my raiment. 4 For that day of vengeance that I have taken in hand, and the year of my deliverance, is come. 5 I looked about me, and there was no man to show me any help. I fell down, and no man held me up. Then I held me by mine own arm, and my ferventness sustained me: 6 and thus have I trodden down the people in my wrath, and bathed them in my displeasure: Insomuch that I have shed their blood upon the earth."
7 I will declare the goodness of the LORD, yea and the praise of the LORD, for all that he hath given us; for the great good that he hath done for Israel, which he hath given them of his own favour, and according to the multitude of his loving kindnesses. 8 For he said, "These no doubt will be my people, and no shrinking children," and so he was their Saviour. 9 In their troubles he forsook them not, but the angel that went forth from his presence delivered them. Of very love and kindness that he had unto them, he redeemed them: He hath born them, and carried them up ever since the world began. 10 But after they provoked him to wrath and vexed his holy mind, he was their enemy, and fought against them himself. 11 Yet remembered he the old time of Moses and his people: How he brought them from the water of the sea, as a shepherd doth with his sheep; how he had given his holy spirit among them; 12 how he had led Moses by the righthand with his glorious arm; how he had divided the water before them, whereby he gat himself an everlasting name; 13 how he led them in the deep, as a horse is led in the plain, that they should not stumble. 14 The spirit of the LORD led them as a tame beast goeth in the field. Thus, O God, hast thou led thy people, to make thyself a glorious name withal.
15 Look down then from heaven, and behold the dwelling place of thy Sanctuary and thy glory. How is it that thy jealousy, thy strength, the multitude of thy mercies and thy loving-kindness, will not be entreated of us? 16 Yet art thou our father: For Abraham knoweth us not, neither is Israel acquainted with us. But thou LORD art our father and redeemer, and thy name is everlasting. 17 O LORD wherefore hast thou led us out of thy way? Wherefore hast thou hardened our hearts, that we fear thee not? Be at one with us again, for thy servants' sake that are of the generation of thine heritage. 18 Thy people hath had but little of thy Sanctuary in possession, for our enemies have taken it in: 19 And we are become even as we were from the beginning: but thou art not their LORD, for they have not called upon thy name.