Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog's neck; he that offereth an oblation, as if he offered swine's blood; he that burneth incense, as if he blessed an idol. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.


General references

Bible References


Isaiah 1:11
For what to me the multitude of your sacrifices? Jehovah will say: I was filled with the burnt-offerings of rams and the fat of fatlings; and I delighted not in the blood of bullocks, and of he lambs and of he goats.
Proverbs 15:8
The sacrifice of the unjust an abomination of Jehovah: and the prayer of the upright his acceptance.
Proverbs 21:27
The sacrifice of the unjust is an abomination, for also he will bring it in mischief.
Amos 5:21
I hated, I rejected your festivals, and I will not smell in your assemblies.


Deuteronomy 23:18
Thou shalt not bring the hire of a harlot, and the price of a dog to the house of Jehovah thy God, for any vow: for these two are also an abomination to Jehovah thy God.

As if he offered

Isaiah 66:17
They consecrating themselves and cleansing themselves in the gardens, behind one in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse; together shall they perish, says Jehovah
Isaiah 65:3
The people irritating me to my face continually; sacrificing in gardens, and burning incense upon bricks;
Deuteronomy 14:8
And the swine, because it cleaves the hoof, and not ruminating, it is unclean to you: from their flesh ye shall not eat, and upon their carcass ye shall not touch.


Leviticus 2:2
And he brought it to Aaron's sons the priests: and he pressed together from it his hand full from its fine flour, and from its oil, upon all its frankincense, and the priest burnt its memorial upon the altar, a sacrifice, an odor of sweetness to Jehovah.

They have

Isaiah 65:12
And I numbered you to the sword, and ye all shall bend to the slaughter, because I called, and ye answered not: I spake and ye heard not; and ye will do evil in mine eyes, and in what I delighted not, ye chose.
Judges 5:8
He will choose new gods; Then war in the gates: If a shield was seen, and a lance, Among forty thousand in Israel
Judges 10:14
Go and cry to the gods, which ye chose among them; they shall save for you in time of your straits.

General references

Judges 17:13
And Micah will say, Now I knew that Jehovah will be good to me, for there being to me the Levite for priest
Isaiah 57:12
I will announce thy justice and thy works, and they shall not profit thee.