Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Isaiah 57:15
For thus said the high and lifted up inhabiting eternity, and his name Holy; being lifted up, and I will dwell in the holy place, and with the broken and humble of spirit, to preserve alive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the broken.
Isaiah 66:2
And all these my hand made, and all these shall be, says Jehovah: and to this will I look, to the humble. and smitten of spirit, and trembling at my word.
Matthew 5:3
Happy the poor in spirit: for their's is the kingdom of the heavens.
Philippians 3:8
But surely, I also think all things to be loss for the superiority of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have been made to lose all things, and I think to be offscourings, that I shall gain Christ,
1 Timothy 6:17
To the rich now in this life, proclaim not to be highminded, nor to be hoping upon the uncertainty of riches, but in the living God, offering us all things richly for profit;


James 4:14
(Which know not that of the morrow. For what your life? For it is a steam, appearing for a little, and then invisible.)
Job 14:2
And as a flower he will come forth, and will be cut down: and he will flee as a shadow, and shall not stand.
Psalm 37:2
For as grass hastening they shall be cut down, and as the greenness of grass they shall fall away.
Psalm 90:5
Thou didst overwhelm them; in sleep shall they be; in the morning as the grass will pass away.
Psalm 102:11
My days declining as a shadow, and I shall be dried up as grass.
Psalm 103:15
Man, his days as grass: as the blossom of the field, thus he will flourish.
Isaiah 40:6
The voice said, Call And he said, What shall I call? All flesh grass, and all its goodness as the flower of the field:
Matthew 6:30
And if the grass of the field, being this day, and to morrow cast into the furnace, God so clothes much rather you, ye of little faith!
1 Corinthians 7:31
And they using this world, as not using; for the form of this world passes away.
1 Peter 1:24
For all flesh as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass dried up, and the flower fell out:
1 John 2:17
And the world passes away, and its eager desires: but he doing the will of God remains for ever.

General references

Job 8:12
While yet in its greenness it shall not break off, and it will dry up before grass.
Psalm 37:2
For as grass hastening they shall be cut down, and as the greenness of grass they shall fall away.
Psalm 49:2
Also ye sons of Adam, also ye sons of man together, ye rich and needy.
2 Corinthians 10:17
But he boasting, let him boast in the Lord.