Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?

General references

Bible References

The spirit

Genesis 4:5
But in Cain and his offering he had no pleasure. And Cain was angry and his face became sad.
Genesis 6:5
And the Lord saw that the sin of man was great on the earth, and that all the thoughts of his heart were evil.
Genesis 8:21
And when the sweet smell came up to the Lord, he said in his heart, I will not again put a curse on the earth because of man, for the thoughts of man's heart are evil from his earliest days; never again will I send destruction on all living things as I have done.
Genesis 26:14
For he had great wealth of flocks and herds and great numbers of servants; so that the Philistines were full of envy.
Genesis 30:1
Now Rachel, because she had no children, was full of envy of her sister; and she said to Jacob, If you do not give me children I will not go on living.
Genesis 37:11
And his brothers were full of envy; but his father kept his words in mind.
Numbers 11:29
And Moses said to him, Are you moved by envy on my account? If only all the Lord's people were prophets, and the Lord might put his spirit on them!
Psalm 37:1
Do not be angry because of the wrongdoers, or have envy of the workers of evil.
Psalm 106:16
They were full of envy against Moses among the tents, and against Aaron, the holy one of the Lord.
Proverbs 21:10
The desire of the evil-doer is fixed on evil: he has no kind feeling for his neighbour.
Ecclesiastes 4:4
And I saw that the cause of all the work and of everything which is done well was man's envy of his neighbour. This again is to no purpose and a desire for wind.
Isaiah 11:13
And the envy of Ephraim will be gone, and those who make trouble for Judah will come to an end: Ephraim will have no more envy of Judah, and there will be an end of Judah's hate for Ephraim.
Acts 7:9
And the brothers, moved with envy against Joseph, gave him to the Egyptians for money: but God was with him,
Romans 1:29
Being full of all wrongdoing, evil, desire for the goods of others, hate, envy, putting to death, fighting, deceit, cruel ways, evil talk, and false statements about others;
Titus 3:3
For in the past we were foolish, hard in heart, turned from the true way, servants of evil desires and pleasures, living in bad feeling and envy, hated and hating one another.

General references

Jonah 4:1
But this seemed very wrong to Jonah, and he was angry.
Luke 22:24
And there was an argument among them about which of them was the greatest.

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