Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.

Bible References


James 5:1
Come on now, you rich people, cry and wail over the miseries that are coming upon you.
Matthew 5:4
"Those persons who feel grief [over their sins] are blessed because they will receive comfort [from God when they repent].
Luke 6:21
Those of you who now have an appetite [i.e., for doing what is right] are blessed, because you will be satisfied [eventually]. Those of you who cry now [i.e., over your sins] are blessed, because you will laugh [i.e., when you are forgiven later].
2 Corinthians 7:10
For the sorrow that God desires produces repentance [i.e., a change of heart and life] that leads to salvation, and which brings no regrets. But the sorrow of the world [i.e., sorrow for wrongdoing for reasons unrelated to God or moral principles] produces [spiritual] death.


Luke 6:25
It is too bad for you people who have plenty to eat now, because you will be hungry [later on]. It is too bad for you people who are laughing now, because you will grieve and cry [later on].
Luke 16:25
But Abraham said [to him], 'Son, remember how you enjoyed good things when you were alive [on earth] and how Lazarus had to put up with bad things? But now here [i.e., in the unseen place of departed spirits] he is being comforted and you are in agony.
Revelation 18:7
Cause her as much torment and sorrow as she gave herself honor and luxurious living. For she is saying to herself, 'I sit as a queen; I am not a widow and I will never suffer grief.'