Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And their nobles have sent their little ones to the waters: they came to the pits, and found no water; they returned with their vessels empty; they were ashamed and confounded, and covered their heads.

Their nobles

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Their nobles

1 Kings 18:5
And Ahab will say to Obadiaha, Go into the land to all the fountains of waters, and to all the torrents; perhaps we shall find grass and preserve alive the horse and the mule, and we shall not be cut off from the cattle.


Jeremiah 2:13
For my people did two evils: they forsook me the fountain of living waters, to hew out for them wells, broken wells which will not hold water.
1 Kings 17:7
And it will be from the end of days, and the torrent will dry up, for there was no rain upon the earth.
2 Kings 18:31
Ye shall not hear to Hezekiah: for thus said the king of Assur, Make me a gift, and come forth to me, and eat ye a man his vine and a man his fig tree, and drink ye a man water of his well,
Joel 1:20
Also the beasts of the field will look up to thee: for the channels of waters were dried up, and the fire devoured the habitations of the desert.
Amos 4:8
And two, three cities wandered about to one city to drink water, and they will not be satisfied: and they turned not back even to me, says Jehovah.

They were

Jeremiah 2:26
As the shame of the thief when he shall be found, so was the house of Israel ashamed; they, their kings, their chiefs, and their priests, and their prophets,
Jeremiah 20:11
And Jehovah is with me as a strong terrible one: for this, they pursuing shall be weak, and they shall not prevail; they were greatly ashamed, for they prospered not; perpetual shame shall not be forgotten.
Psalm 40:14
They shall be ashamed and blush together seeking my soul to take it away; they shall be turned back, and they delighting in my evil shall be ashamed.
Psalm 109:29
They lying in wait for me shall put on shame, and they shall be covered with their shame as an upper garment
Isaiah 45:16
They were ashamed and also disgraced, all of them: together they went in shame the workmen of images.


Jeremiah 14:4
For the land was broken, for there was no rain in the land; the husband-men were ashamed, they covered their head.
2 Samuel 15:30
And David went up in the ascent of the olive trees, going up and weeping, and the head to him covered, and he went barefoot: and all the people which were with him covered each his head, and they went up, going up and weeping.
2 Samuel 19:4
And the king covered his face, and the king will cry out with a great voice, My son Absalom! Absalom, my son, my son!
Esther 6:12
And Mordecai will turn back to the king's gate. And Haman hastened to his house, and the head covered.

General references

Haggai 1:10
For this the heavens over you were shut up from dew, and the earth withheld her produce.