Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And I will cast thee out, and thy mother that bare thee, into another country, where ye were not born; and there shall ye die.

Bible References

General references

Jeremiah 15:2
And if they say unto thee, 'Whither shall we go?' Then tell them, 'The LORD giveth you this answer: Some unto death, some to the sword, some to hunger, some into captivity.'
2 Kings 24:15
And he carried away Jehoiachin to Babylon, and the king's mother, and the king's wives, and his chamberlains, and the mighty of the land carried he away from Jerusalem to Babylon.
2 Chronicles 36:9
Jehoiachin was eight years old when he began to reign, and he reigned three months and ten days in Jerusalem: and did that displeased the LORD.
Isaiah 22:17
Behold, the LORD shall carry thee away into captivity, and shall surely cover thee with confusion.
Ezekiel 19:9
So they bound him with chains, and brought him to the king of Babylon: which put him in prison, that his voice should no more be heard upon the mountains of Israel.