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It may be they will present their supplication before the LORD, and will return every one from his evil way: for great is the anger and the fury that the LORD hath pronounced against this people.

They will present their supplication

Bible References

They will present their supplication

Jeremiah 1:3
it came also in the days of Jehoiakim son of Josiah, king of Judah, unto the end of the eleventh year of Zedekiah son of Josiah king of Judah, - as far as the carrying away of Jerusalem captive, in the fifth month.
Jeremiah 25:5
saying, - Return I pray you every one from his wicked way and from the wickedness of your doings, So shall ye remain on the soil which Yahweh hath given to you and to your fathers, - even from age to age;
Jonah 3:8
Let both man and beast, cover themselves with sackcloth, and let them cry unto God, mightily, - Yea let them turn, every man from his wicked way, and from the violence which is in their hands:
Zechariah 1:4
Do not become like your fathers, unto whom the former prophets, proclaimed, saying, Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, Return, I pray you, from your wicked ways, and from your wicked practices; but they heard not, nor hearkened unto me, declareth Yahweh.


Jeremiah 4:4
Circumcise yourselves unto Yahweh So shall ye remove the impurity of your heart, ye men of Judah and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, - Lest mine indignation, go forth as fire, and burn and there be none to quench it, Because of the wickedness of your doings.
Jeremiah 16:10
And it shall be when thou shalt declare to this people, all these words, - and they shall say unto thee - For what reason, hath Yahweh pronounced against us all this great calamity? Or what is our iniquity, or what our sin, which we have sinned against Yahweh our God?
Jeremiah 19:15
Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, God of Israel, Behold me! brining in against this city, and upon all the cities thereof, The whole calamity which I have pronounced against her, - Because they stiffened their neck, that they might not hear my words.
Jeremiah 21:5
And I myself, will fight against you, with a hand outstretched, and with an arm of strength, - and with anger and with wrath and with great indignation;
Deuteronomy 28:15
But it shall be, if thou do not hearken unto the voice of Yahweh thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I am commanding thee to-day, then shall come in upon thee all these curses and shall reach thee: -
Deuteronomy 29:18
Lest there be among you - a man or a woman or a family or a tribe, whose heart is turning to-day, from Yahweh our God, to go and serve the gods of those nations, - lest there be among you a root fruitful of poison and wormwood;
2 Kings 22:13
Go ye - enquire of Yahweh, for me and for the people, and for all Judah, concerning the words of this book which hath been found, - for, great, is the wrath of Yahweh, in that it hath fired up against us, because our fathers have not hearkened unto the words of this book, to do according to all which is written concerning us.
2 Chronicles 34:21
Go, enquire of Yahweh for me, and for the remnant in Israel and in Judah, concerning the words of the book which hath been found, - for great is the wrath of Yahweh, which hath been poured out upon us, because our fathers, kept not, the word of Yahweh, to do according to all that is written in this book.
Lamentations 4:11
Yahweh hath completed his indignation, hath poured out the glow of his anger; and hath kindled a fire in Zion, which hath devoured her foundations.
Ezekiel 5:13
So shall mine anger have an end, And I will cause mine indignation to find rest I upon a them, and will console myself,- And they shall know that, I, Yahweh, have spoken in my jealousy, when mine indignation hath come to an end, upon them.
Ezekiel 8:18
Therefore even I, will act with indignation, Mine eye shall not shield. Neither will I pity, - Though they have cried in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them.
Ezekiel 13:13
Therefore Thus saith my Lord, Yahweh, So will I break down with a tempestuous wind. in mine indignation, - And an overflowing rain in mine anger, shall there be, With hailstones in wrath to make an end;
Ezekiel 20:33
As I live, Declareth My Lord Yahweh, Surely with a strong hand and With an outstretched arm and With outpoured indignation Will I be king over you;
Ezekiel 22:20
As they gather silver and copper and iron and lead and tin into the midst of a furnace, to blow upon it the fire to melt it, So will I gather in mine anger and in mine indignation, and will let b. and will melt you;
Ezekiel 24:8
To bring up indignation to execute an avenging, have I set her blood upon the smooth face of the cliff, - that it may not be covered.