Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And surely the mountain falling cometh to nought, and the rock is removed out of his place.

Bible References

The mountain

Psalm 102:25
Of old - the earth, thou didst found, And, the work of thy hands, are the heavens;
Isaiah 40:12
Who hath measured, with the hollow of his hand, the waters. Or the heavens with a span, hath meted out, Or hath comprehended, in a measure, the dust of the earth, Or weighed, in scales, the mountains, Or the hills, in a balance?
Isaiah 41:15
Lo! I have made of thee a new pointed threshing sledge, owning teeth, - Thou shalt thresh mountains and crush them, And, hills - like chaff, shalt thou make:
Isaiah 54:10
For, the mountains, may move away, And the hills, may be shaken, - But, my lovingkindness, from thee, shall not move away, And, my covenant of peace, shall not be shaken, saith he who hath compassion upon thee - Yahweh.
Isaiah 64:1
Would that thou hadst rent the heavens, hadst come down,
Jeremiah 4:24
I beheld, The mountains, and lo! they were trembling, - And all the hills, had been violently moved:
Revelation 6:14
and, the heaven, was withdrawn, as a scroll rolling itself up, and, every mountain and island, out of their places, were shaken.
Revelation 8:8
And, the second messenger, sounded; and, as it were a great mountain burning with fire, was cast into the sea; and the third of the sea became blood,
Revelation 20:11
And I saw a great white throne, and him that was sitting thereon, from whose face fled the earth and heaven, and, place, was not found for them.

The rock

Job 18:4
One tearing in pieces his own soul in his anger, - For thy sake, shall the earth be forsaken? or the rock be moved out of its place?
Matthew 27:51
And lo! the veil of the Temple, was rent, from top to bottom, into two; and, the earth, was shaken, and, the rocks, were rent;