Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Why do ye persecute me as God, and are not satisfied with my flesh?

Bible References


Job 10:16
And shall it be lifted up? Thou wilt hunt me as the lion, and thou wilt turn back, thou wilt show thyself wonderful upon me.
Job 16:13
His multitudes will surround upon me, he will cleave my reins asunder, and not spare; he will pour my gall upon the earth.
Psalm 69:26
For whom thou didst strike they pursued; and they will relate to the pain of thy wounded.

And are not

Job 2:5
But send forth now thy hand and touch upon his bone and upon his flesh, if he will not bless thee to thy face.
Job 31:31
If the men of my tent said not, Who will give from his flesh? We shall not be satisfied.
Isaiah 51:23
And I put it in the hand of those afflicting thee; who said to thy soul, Bow down, and we will pass over; thou wilt set thy middle as the earth, and as the street to those passing over.
Micah 3:3
And who ate the flesh of my people, and they stripp off their skin from off them; and they brake their bones in pieces, and separated as for the pot, and as flesh in the midst of the kettle.