1 And Job will answer and say, 2 Hearing, hear ye my speech, and this shall be your consolations. 3 Suffer me and I will speak; and after my word ye will mock
4 I, is my complaint to man? and then wherefore shall not my spirit be shortened? 5 Look to me and be astonished, and put the hand upon the mouth. 6 And when I remembered and trembled, and horror took hold of my flesh. 7 Wherefore shall the unjust live? They grew old, also they were strong in power. 8 Their seed was established before their face with them, and their offspring before their eyes. 9 Their houses peace from fear, and the rod of God not upon them. 10 His ox passed over and will not be cast away: his heifer will escape and will not be barren. 11 They will send forth their children as a flock, and their children will leap. 12 They will lift up with the drum and harp, and they will rejoice at the voice of the pipe. 13 Their days glided on in good, and in a moment they will lay hold of hades. 14 And they will say to God, Depart from us; and we desired not the knowledge of thy ways. 15 What the Almighty that we shall serve him? and what shall we be profited if we shall supplicate to him? 16 Behold, their good not in the hand: the counsel of the unjust was far from me.
17 How often the light of the unjust shall be extinguished, and their destruction will come upon them. He will distribute pains in his anger. 18 They shall be as straw before the wind, and as chaff the storm stole it away. 19 God will lay up his iniquity for his sons: he will requite to him and be shall know. 20 His eyes shall see his destruction, and he shall drink from the wrath of the Almighty. 21 For what his delight in his house after him, and the number of? his months were divided out?
22 Shall he teach knowledge to God? and he will judge those lifted up. 23 This shall die in the strength of his fulness, altogether tranquil and at rest 24 His sides were filled with fat, and the marrow of his bones will, be moistened. 25 And this will die in the soul of bitterness, and will not eat in good. 26 They will lie down together upon the dust, and the worm shall cover over them.
27 Behold, I knew your purposes, and the devices ye will shake off against me. 28 For ye will say, Where the house of the noble one; and where the tent of the dwellings of the unjust? 29 Did ye not ask them passing over the way? and shall ye not know their signs? 30 For the evil one will be spared for the day of destruction; they shalt be led away to the day of wraths 31 Who shall announce his way upon his face? and who shall requite to him that he did? 32 And he shall be led away to the graves, and shall watch over the tomb. 33 And the clods of the valley were sweet to him, and every man shall draw after him, and before him no number.
34 And how will ye comfort me in vain, and your answers remained treachery?