1 And Job will answer and say, 2 Also to-day is my complaint bitter: my hand heavy over my groaning, 3 Who will give, I knew to find him: I will come even to his place. 4 I will arrange judgment before him, and I will fill the mouth with proofs. 5 I shall know the words he will answer me, and I shall understand what he will say to me. 6 Will he contend with me in great power? No; but he will put in me. 7 There the upright one disputed with him; and I shall be delivered forever from my judge.
8 Behold, I shall go before, and he is not; and behind, I shall not understand for him. 9 The left hand in his working, and I shall not behold: he will cover himself on the right hand, and I shall not see. 10 For he knew the way with me,: he tried me.; I shall come forth as gold. 11 My foot laid hold upon his going, I watched his way and not softly. 12 From the command of his lips and I will not waver; from his law I hid the words of his mouth.
13 And he is in one, and who shall turn him back? and his soul desired, and he will do. 14 For he will finish my appointing: and many such with him. 15 For this I shall tremble from his face: I shall consider, and I shall be afraid of him. 16 God relaxed my heart, and the Almighty caused me to tremble. 17 For I was not cut off from the face of darkness, and he covered misfortune from my face.