1 And these three men will cease from answering Job, for he is just in his eyes. 2 And the anger of Elihu will kindle, son of Barachel the Buzite, from the family of Ram: against Job was, his anger kindled, for his justifying his soul above God. 3 And against his three friends was his anger kindled, because they, found not an answer, and they will condemn Job.
4 And Elihu waited for Job in words, for they were old for days above him. 5 And Elihu will see that not an Answer in the mouth of the three men, and his anger will kindle,
6 And Elihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite will answer and say, I few for days, and ye old men; for this I was afraid, and I shall fear showing you my knowledge. 7 I said, days shall speak, and multitude of years shall make known wisdom. 8 But it is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty will cause them to understand. 9 Not the many will be wise: and old men understand judgment. 10 For this, I said, Hear to me; I also will show my knowledge. 11 Behold, I waited for your words, giving ear even to your understandings while ye will search out words. 12 And I will show myself attentive even to you, and behold, none from you confuting to Job, answering his words. 13 Lest ye shall say, We found wisdom: God will thrust him, not man. 14 And he arranged not words against me: and I will not turn back to him with your words.
15 They were confounded; they answered no more: they removed words from themselves. 16 And I waited, (for they will not speak, for they stood, they answered no more:) 17 I also will answer my part, I also will show my knowledge. 18 For I was filled with words, the spirit of my belly pressed upon me. 19 Behold, my belly as wine it will not open; it will break open as new wine skins. 20 I will speak, and it will breathe to me: I will open my lips and answer. 21 Not now shall I lift up the face of man, and I shall not flatter to man. 22 For I knew not, shall I flatter; for a little while, he making me will take me away.