1 And yet hear now, O Job, my speech, and give ear to all my words. 2 Behold, now, I opened my mouth, my tongue spake in my palate. 3 My sayings the uprightness of my heart, and my lips spake knowledge purely. 4 The spirit of God made me, and the breath of the Almighty will cause me to live. 5 If thou shalt be able to turn back to me, set in order before me, stand forth. 6 Behold, I am according to thy mouth for God: from clay was I also broken off 7 Behold, my terror shall not make thee afraid, and my hand shall not be heavy upon thee.
8 Surely thou spakest in mine ear and I will hear the voice of thy words. 9 I am clean without transgression; I am fair, and no iniquity to me. 10 Behold, he will find enmity against me, and he will reckon me for an enemy to him. 11 He will set my feet in the stocks, he will watch all my paths.
12 Behold, this thou wert not just: I will answer thee, for God will be great above man. 13 Wherefore didst thou contend against him? for he will not answer all his words. 14 For God will speak at once, and at a second time, and he shall not regard it. 15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, in the falling of deep sleep upon men, in slumbers upon the bed; 16 Then he will uncover the ear of men, and will seal in their instruction, 17 To remove man from working, and he will bide pride from man. 18 He will keep back his soul from the pit, and his life from passing away by the spear. 19 And he was chastened with pain upon his bed, and the multitude of his bones perpetually. 20 His life loathed bread, and his soul food of desire. 21 His flesh will consume away from seeing, and they saw not the nakedness of his bones. 22 And his soul will draw near to the pit, and his life to the dead. 23 If there is a messenger upon him, an interpreter, one from a thousand, to announce to man his uprightness: 24 And he will compassionate him and say, Deliver him from going down to the pit: I found an expiation. 25 His flesh revived above a youth: he shall turn back to the days of his childhood. 26 He shall pray to God and he shall receive him into favor: and he shall see his face with rejoicing, and he will turn back to man his justice. 27 He will look upon men, and he shall say, I sinned, and I perverted the right, and it was not fitting to me; 28 Redeem my soul from passing into the pit, and my life shall look upon light 29 Behold, all these God will work twice, thrice, with man, 30 To turn back his soul from the pit, to enlighten with the light of the living. 31 Attend, O Job, hear to me: be silent and I will speak 32 If there be words, turn back to me: speak, for I desired to justify thee. 33 If not, hear thou to me: be silent, and I shall teach thee wisdom.