Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Which goeth in company with the workers of iniquity, and walketh with wicked men.

Bible References

General references

Job 2:10
And he said unto her, As one of the base women speaketh, speakest thou? Blessing, shall we accept from God, and, misfortune, shall we not accept? In all this, Job sinned not with his lips.
Job 11:3
Shall, thy pratings, cause men to hold their peace? When thou hast mocked, shall there be none to put thee to shame?
Job 15:5
For thine own mouth would teach thine iniquity, and thou wouldst choose the tongue of the crafty.
Psalm 1:1
How happy the man, who hath not walked in the counsel of the lawless, - and, in the way of sinners, hath not stood, and, in the seat of scoffers, hath not sat;
Psalm 26:4
I have not sat with men of deceit, nor, with dissemblers, would I enter;
Psalm 50:18
If thou sawest a thief, then didst thou run with him, - And, with adulterers, hath been thy chosen life;
Psalm 73:12
Lo! these, are the lawless, Who are secure for an age, They have attained unto wealth.
Proverbs 1:15
My son, do not walk in the way with them, Withhold thy foot from their path.
Proverbs 2:12
To rescue thee from the way of the wrongful, from the man that speaketh perverse things;
Proverbs 4:14
Upon the path of the lawless, do not thou enter, and do not advance in the way of the wicked:
Proverbs 13:20
He that walketh with the wise, becometh wise, but, the friend of dullards, becometh foolish.
1 Corinthians 15:33
Be not deceiving yourselves, - evil communications corrupt gentle manners: -