1 Also at this my heart shall tremble, and it will leap from its place. 2 Hearing, hear ye, to the noise of his voice, and the growling going out from his mouth. 3 He will let it go free under all the heavens, and his light upon the wings of the earth.
4 After him a voice shall rear; he will thunder with the voice of his majesty: and he will not leave them behind when his voice shall be heard. 5 God will thunder with his voice of wonder, doing great things, and we shall not know. 6 For he will say to the snow, Be it on earth; and to the shower of rain, and to the shower of the rains of his strength. 7 He will seal in the hand of every man, for all men to know his work. 8 And the beast shall go into the covert, and shall dwell in its habitation. 9 From the chamber shall come forth the whirlwind, and cold from the scatterings. 10 From the breath of God ice will be given, and the breadth of the waters in being straitened. 11 Also by watering he will cast down the cloud: he will scatter the cloud of his light: 12 Being turned by his guidance to their doing all that he commanded them upon the face of the habitable globe of the earth. 13 If for the rod, if for his land, if for mercy, it shall find him.
14 Give ear to this, O Job: stand and consider the wonders of God. 15 Shalt thou know in God's setting upon them, and he caused the light of his cloud to shine? 16 Shalt thou know upon the poisings of the cloud, the wonders of the complete of knowledges? 17 That thy garments are warm in quieting the earth from the south? 18 Wilt thou spread out with him to the clouds, strong as the sight of a melted mass? 19 Make known to us what we shall say to him we shall not set in order from the face of darkness. 20 Shall it be recounted to him that I shall speak? If a man spake, then shall he be swallowed down. 21 And now they saw not the bright light that is in the clouds: and the wind passed over and it will cleanse them. 22 From the north, gold shall come: upon God terrible majesty. 23 The Almighty we found not: great of power and judgment, and much justice, he will not afflict 24 For this, men shall fear him: he will not see all the wise of heart.