Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


John 14:27
Peace I leave to you, my peace I give to you: not as the world gives, give I to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be timid.
John 11:33
Then Jesus, when he saw her weeping, and the Jews weeping having come with her, was heavy in spirit, and troubled himself,
John 11:33
Then Jesus, when he saw her weeping, and the Jews weeping having come with her, was heavy in spirit, and troubled himself,
Job 21:4
I, is my complaint to man? and then wherefore shall not my spirit be shortened?
Job 23:15
For this I shall tremble from his face: I shall consider, and I shall be afraid of him.
Psalm 42:5
Why wilt thou be bowed down, O my soul? and be disturbed upon me? Hope upon God, for yet shall I praise him for the salvation of his face.
Psalm 43:5
Why wilt thou be bowed down, O my soul? and why wilt thou be disturbed upon me? hope upon God, for yet shall I praise him, the salvation of my face, and my God.
Psalm 77:2
In the day of my straits I sought Jehovah: my hand was stretched out at night, and it will not be slack: my soul refused to be comforted.
Isaiah 43:1
And now, thus said Jehovah creating thee, O Jacob, and forming thee, O Israel, Thou shalt not fear, for I redeemed thee; I called by thy name; thou art to me.
Jeremiah 8:18
Because I afflicted not sorrow upon myself, my heart was sick upon me.
Lamentations 3:17
Thou wilt cast of my soul from peace: I forgat good.
2 Corinthians 2:7
So that on the contrary ye should rather show kindness, and console, lest perhaps such be swallowed down with more abundant sadness.
2 Corinthians 4:8
Being pressed in every thing, but not straightened; being at a loss, but not utterly perplexed;
2 Corinthians 12:9
And he said to me, My grace suffices thee: for my power is perfected in weakness. Therefore very willingly will I boast rather in my weaknesses, that Christ's power may lodge upon me.
1 Thessalonians 3:3
For none to be shaken in these pressures: for ye yourselves know that for this we are placed.
2 Thessalonians 2:2
For you not to be quickly shaken in mind, neither be disturbed, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by epistle as by us, as that the day of Christ has drawn near.
Hebrews 12:12
Wherefore set upright the relaxed hands, and palsied knees;


John 5:23
That all should honour the Son, as they honour the Father. He honouring not the Son, honours not the Father having sent him.
John 6:40
And this is the will of him having sent me, that every one seeing the Son, and believing in him, should have eternal life: and I will raise him up at the last day.
John 11:25
Jesus said to her, I am the rising up, and life: he believing in me, though he die, shall live.
John 12:44
Jesus cried and said, He believing in me, believes not in me, but in him having sent me.
John 13:19
From now I say to you before it shall be, that, when it should be, ye might believe that I am.
Isaiah 12:2
Behold God my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid: for my strength and song is Jah Jehovah, and he will be to me for salvation.
Isaiah 26:3
The mind placed upon thee thou wilt form peace, peace, because he trusted in thee.
Acts 3:15
And ye killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead; of whom we are witnesses.
Ephesians 1:12
For us to be to the praise of his glory, who before hoped in Christ.
Ephesians 3:14
For this I bend my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
1 Peter 1:21
Who by him believing in God, having raised him from the dead, and having given him glory; that your faith and hope should be in God.
1 John 2:23
Every one denying the Son, neither has the Father: he acknowledging the Son, has also the Father.
1 John 5:10
He believing in the Son of God has the testimony in himself: he not believing God has made him a liar; for he has not believed the testimony which God has testified of his Son.

General references

John 16:6
But because I have spoken these to you, sorrow has filled your heart.