Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And many of the people believed on him, and said, When Christ cometh, will he do more miracles than these which this man hath done?

Bible References


John 2:23
Now, when he was in Jerusalem, during the passover, during the feast, many, believed on his name, viewing his signs which he was doing.
John 4:39
And, out of that city, many, believed on him - of the Samaritans, - by reason of the word of the woman in bearing witness - He told me all things that ever I did.
John 6:14
The people, therefore, seeing what signs he wrought, began to say - This, is, of a truth, the prophet who was to come into the world.
John 8:30
As he was speaking these things, many, believed on him.
John 12:42
Nevertheless, however, even from among the rulers, many believed on him; but, because of the Pharisees, they were not confessing him, lest, excommunicants from the synagogue, they should be made;
Matthew 12:23
And all the multitudes were beside themselves, and were saying, Can, this one, be, the Son of David?
Luke 8:13
And, those upon the rock, are they who, as soon as they hear, with joy, welcome the word; and, these, not having, root, are they who, for a season, believe, - and, in a season of testing, draw back.
Acts 8:13
And, Simon himself also, believed; and, having been immersed, was in constant attendance on Philip, - and, beholding signs and great works of power coming to pass, was astonished.
James 2:26
Just as, the body, apart from spirit, is dead, so, our faith also, apart from works, is dead.


John 3:2
The same, came unto him, by night, and said unto him - Rabbi! we know that, from God, thou hast come, a teacher; for, no one, can be doing, these signs, which, thou, art doing, except, God, be with him.
John 6:2
and there was following him a great multitude, because they had been viewing the signs which he did upon such as were sick.
John 9:16
Certain from among the Pharisees, therefore, were saying - This man is not, from God, because, the Sabbath, he keepeth not. Others, howeverwere saying - How can a sinful man, such signs as these, be doing? And there was, a division, among them.
John 10:41
And, many, came unto him, and were saying - John, indeed, did not so much as, one sign; but, all things, whatsoever John said concerning this one, were, true.
Matthew 11:3
said unto him, Art, thou, the coming one? or, a different one, are we to expect?