Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


He hath hedged me about, that I cannot get out: he hath made my chain heavy.

Bible References


Lamentations 3:9
He impeded my way with blocks of stone, making my paths uneven.
Job 3:23
To the formerly successful man who lost his way in life, and God fenced him in?
Job 19:8
He blocked my path, so I cannot pass; and he turned out the lights on my pathways.
Psalm 88:8
You caused my acquaintances to shun me; you make me extremely abhorrent to them. Restrained, I am unable to go out.
Jeremiah 38:6
So they threw Jeremiah into a cistern that belonged to the king's son Malchijah and was located in the courtyard of the guard. When they let Jeremiah down with ropes, because there was no water in the cistern only mud Jeremiah sank into the mud.
Hosea 2:6
"Look how I'm blocking her path with thorns and building a wall to hinder her, so she can't find her way.


Lamentations 1:14
The yoke of my sins was bound on, fastened together by his hand. They settled on my neck; he caused my strength to fail. The LORD placed me in the power of those I cannot resist.
Lamentations 5:5
Our pursuers breathe down our necks; we are weary, but there is no rest for us.
Daniel 9:12
"He has confirmed his accusation that he spoke against us and against our rulers who governed us by bringing upon us great calamity, because nowhere in the universe has anything been done like what has been done to Jerusalem.

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