Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And another came, saying, Lord, behold, here is thy pound, which I have kept laid up in a napkin:

Bible References


Luke 19:13
And having called ten of his bondmen, he gave them ten minas and said to them, Do business until I come.
Luke 3:9
And even now the ax is laid at the root of the trees. Every tree therefore not making good fruit is cut down, and cast into fire.
Luke 6:46
And why do ye call me, Lord, Lord, and not do the things that I say?
Proverbs 26:13
The sluggard says, There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets.
Matthew 25:24
And the man who received the one talent also having come, said, Lord, I knew thee that thou are a hard man, reaping where thou did not sow, and gathering from where thou did not scatter.
James 4:17
He therefore who knows to do good, and is not doing it, to him it is sin.