Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of him.

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Bible References


Mark 1:34
and he cured many that were sick with divers diseases, and, many demons, he cast out, and suffered not the demons to be talking, - because they knew him to be Christ.
Mark 3:11
and the impure spirits, as soon as they beheld him, were falling down to him, and crying aloud, while he was speaking, Thou, art the Son of God!
Mark 9:25
And Jesus, seeing that a multitude is running together, rebuked the impure spirit, saying unto it - Thou dumb and deaf spirit, I, give orders unto thee: Come forth out of him, and do not, any more, enter into him.
Psalm 50:16
But, to the lawless one, God saith, What hast, thou, to do, to recount my statutes? Or that thou hast taken up my covenant upon thy mouth?
Luke 4:35
And Jesus rebuked it, saying - Hold thy peace! and go forth from him. And the demon, throwing him into the midst, went forth from him, doing him no hurt.
Acts 16:17
The same, following after Paul and us, kept crying aloud, saying - These men, are servants of the Most High God, - who, indeed, are declaring unto you a way of salvation.

General references

Mark 3:12
and sternly was he rebuking them, lest they should make him manifest.
Mark 5:8
For he was saying to him - Go forth thou impure spirit, out of the man;