Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


But when Herod heard thereof, he said, It is John, whom I beheaded: he is risen from the dead.

Bible References

It is

Matthew 14:2
He told his servants, "This must be John, the Immerser; he has risen from the dead and [that explains how] these powers can work through him [i.e., Jesus]."
Matthew 27:4
saying, "I have sinned by delivering up an innocent man to die." But they replied, "What is that to us? It is your affair!"
Luke 9:9
Then Herod said, "I had John decapitated, so who is this person about whom I hear such things?" And he became eager to see Jesus.
Revelation 11:10
And those people living on the earth will be glad over the death of them [i.e., the two witnesses. See verse 3], and they will celebrate by sending gifts to one another, because these two prophets had tormented those living on earth.