Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

Bible References

General references

Matthew 13:35
[This was] so that what was spoken by the prophet would be fulfilled, when he said [Psa. 78:2], "I will open my mouth [to speak] with parables. I will say things that have been hidden from the beginning of time."
Luke 6:20
Then He looked at His disciples and said, "Those of you who have a [sense of personal] need are blessed, because the kingdom of God belongs to you.
Acts 8:35
So, Philip opened his mouth, and beginning [his message] from this Scripture [passage], he preached to him [about] Jesus.
Acts 10:34
Then Peter began to speak. He said, "I perceive that God truly does not show favoritism toward anyone,
Acts 18:14
When Paul was about to respond [to this charge], Gallio said to the Jews, "[My] Jewish [constituents], if it were a simple case of wrongdoing or some serious crime, there would be good reason for me to consider your charge [against this man].
Ephesians 6:19
And [also pray] for me to be given boldness of speech in opening my mouth to make known the secret plan of the Gospel,