Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


He rebuketh the sea, and maketh it dry, and drieth up all the rivers: Bashan languisheth, and Carmel, and the flower of Lebanon languisheth.

Bible References


Job 38:11
And said - Hitherto, shalt thou come, and no further, - and, here, shalt thou set a limit to the majesty of thy waves?
Psalm 104:7
At thy rebuke, they flee, At the voice of thy thunder, they hurry away;
Psalm 106:9
So he rebuked the Red Sea, and it dried up, And he led them through deeps, as pasture-land;
Psalm 114:3
The sea, beheld, and fled, The Jordan, turned back;
Isaiah 50:2
Wherefore, When I came in, was there no one? When I called, was there none to answer? Is mine own hand, really shortened, that it cannot redeem? Or is there not, in me, strength to deliver? Lo! by my rebuke, I dry up the sea I make rivers a desert, Their fish Stinketh, for want of water, Yea dieth, for thirst:
Isaiah 51:10
Art not thou that which dried up - The Sea, The waters of the mighty Deep, - That which made of the abysses of the sea a road for the passing over of the redeemed?
Amos 5:8
Seek him who made the Cluster and the Giant, and turneth, into morning, the shadow of death, and who, day into night, doth darken, Him who calleth to the waters of the sea, and poureth them out on the face of the land, Yahweh, is his name:
Matthew 8:26
And he saith unto them, Why, are ye, fearful, little of faith? Then, aroused, he rebuked the winds and the sea, - and it became a great calm.

And drieth

Joshua 3:13
and it shall be, when the soles of the feet of the priests who are bearing the ark of Yahweh, Lord of all the earth, do rest, in the waters of the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan, shall be cut off, the waters that are coming down from above, - and shall stand in one mound.
Psalm 74:15
Thou, didst cleave open fountain and torrent, Thou, didst dry up rivers of steady flow:
Isaiah 19:5
And the waters shall be dried up from the great stream, - And the River, shall waste and be dry;
Isaiah 44:27
Who saith to the deep - Be dry and Thy rivers, will I drain!
Ezekiel 30:12
And I will make the rivers dry, and will sell the land into the hand of wicked one. - and make the land desolate with the fulness thereof, by the hand of foreigners, I, Yahweh! have spoken.


Isaiah 33:9
The land mourneth, languisheth, Lebanon, displayeth shame, is withered, - Sharon, hath become, as the waste plain, And Bashan and Carmel are shaking off their leaves.
Amos 1:2
So then he said - Yahweh, out of Zion, will roar, and, out of Jerusalem, will utter his voice, - and the pastures of the shepherds, shall mourn, and the top of Carmel, be dried up.

General references

Psalm 89:9
Thou, rulest over the swelling of the sea, When the rolling waves thereof lift themselves, Thou, dost bid them be still:
Isaiah 42:15
I will lay waste mountains, and hills, And all their vegetation, will I wither, - And I will make rivers to be shores, And lakes, will I dry up:
Jeremiah 23:19
Lo! the tempest of Yahweh! Indignation, hath come forth, Even a tempest whirling along: On the head of the lawless, shall it hurl itself down.