1 A wise son the instruction of a father: and he. mocking heard not reproof.
2 From the fruit of a man's mouth he shall eat good: and the soul of the transgressing, violence.
3 He guarding his mouth, watched his soul: he opening wide his lips, destruction to him.
4 The soul of the slothful one desiring, and nothing: and the soul of the active shall be made fat
5 The just one will hate the word of falsehood: and the unjust one will be loathsome and be put to shame.
6 Justice will guard the blameless of way: and injustice shall overthrow the sinning.
7 There is he making himself rich, and not anything: making himself poor, and much wealth.
8 The expiating of a man's soul is his riches: and the poor will not hear rebuke.
9 The light of the just shall rejoice: and the lamp of the unjust shall be quenched.
10 Only by pride contention will be given: but with those being advised, wisdom.
11 Wealth from vanity shall be diminished: and he gathering with the hand, shall increase.
12 Hope being forgotten afflicts the heart: and desire coming, a tree of life.
13 He despising to the word it shall be perverse to him: and he fearing the command shall be requited.
14 The law of the wise one a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.
15 Good understanding shall give grace: and the way of the transgressing is perpetuity.
16 Every prudent one will do in knowledge: and the foolish one will spread folly.
17 The unjust messenger shall fall into evil: and a messenger of faithfulness is healing.
18 Instruction dismisses poverty and shame: and he watching reproof shall be honored.
19 The desire coming to pass, will be sweet to the soul: and an abomination to the foolish to depart from evil.
20 He going with the wise, and he is wise: and the companion of the foolish shall become evil.
21 Evil shall pursue the sinning: and good shall requite the just
22 The good shall cause his sons' sons to inherit: and the wealth of him sinning was treasured up for the just.
23 Much food to the fallow ground of the poor: and in no judgment there is destroying
24 He withholding his rod hates his son: and he loving him, sought correction for him.
25 The just one ate to fill his soul: and the belly of the unjust shall want