1 Do not envy men of evil, and do not desire to be with them. 2 For their minds will devise violence, and their lips will speak mischief.
3 By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established. 4 And by knowledge, rooms are filled [with] all riches, precious and pleasant.
5 The warrior of wisdom [is] in strength, and a man of knowledge is strong [in] power. 6 For with wise guidance you shall make war for yourself, and victory [is] in an abundance of counsel.
7 Wisdom [is too] high for fools; at the gate he will not open his mouth.
8 He who plans to do evil for himself, they will call [him] "master of mischief." 9 Devising folly [is] a sin, and an abomination to humankind [is] a scoffer.
10 [If] you faint on the day of adversity, little [is] your strength. 11 Rescue those who are led away to the death and those who stagger to the slaughter. If you hold back, 12 if you say, "Look, we do not know this," does not he who weighs hearts perceive [it]? And he who keeps your soul, he knows and will repay humankind according to his deeds.
13 My child, eat honey, for [it is] good, and the dripping of the honeycomb [is] sweet to your taste. 14 Thus know wisdom for [the sake of] your soul, if you find [it], then there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.
15 Do not lie in wait [like] an outlaw against the home of the righteous; do not do violence [to] his dwelling place. 16 For seven [times] the righteous will fall, but he will rise, but the wicked will be overthrown by calamity.
17 While your enemies are falling, do not rejoice; when he trips himself, may your heart not be glad 18 lest Yahweh see and [it] be evil in his eyes, and turn his anger away from him.
19 Do not fret because of the evildoers; do not envy the wicked. 20 For there will not be a future for the evil; the lamp of the wicked will die out.
21 Fear Yahweh, my son, and the king; with those who change, do not associate. 22 For suddenly their disaster will come, and the ruin of {both of them}, who knows?
23 These [sayings] are also for the wise: {Partiality} in judgment is not good. 24 Whoever says to the guilty, "You are righteous," the people will curse him; the nations will abhor him. 25 But they who rebuke will have delight, and upon them blessings of goodness will come.
26 He will kiss [the] lips, he who gives an honest answer.
27 Prepare your work in the street and get it ready for yourself in the field; afterward, then you shall build your house.
28 Do not be a witness without cause against your neighbor nor deceive with your lips. 29 Do not say, "Just as he has done to me, so shall I do to him; I will pay back the man according to his deed."
30 I passed by the field of a lazy person, and over the vineyard of a person lacking {sense}; 31 and behold, it was overgrown--all of it was covered [with] thorns, its surface with nettles, and {its stone wall} was broken down. 32 Then I myself saw and my heart considered; I looked, and I took hold of instruction: 33 A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands for rest, 34 and your poverty will come running, and your lack like an armed warrior.