Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


By long forbearing is a prince persuaded, and a soft tongue breaketh the bone.

General references

Bible References


Proverbs 15:1
A soft answer, turneth away wrath, but a cutting word raiseth anger.
Proverbs 16:14
The wrath of a king, meaneth messengers of death, but, a man who is wise, will appease it.
Genesis 32:4
And he commanded them, saying, Thus, shall ye say to my lord to Esau, Thus, saith thy servant Jacob, With Laban, have I sojourned, and tarried until now:
1 Samuel 25:14
But a certain one of her young men told, Abigail, Nabal's wife, saying, - Lo! David sent messengers out of the wilderness to bless our lord, and he treated them with contempt.
Ecclesiastes 10:4
If, the spirit of a ruler, riseth up against thee, thy place, do not leave, for gentleness, pacifieth such as have greatly erred.

General references

Judges 14:9
which he took into his hands, and went on - eating as he went, and came unto his father and unto his mother, and gave unto them, and they did eat, - but he told them not that, out of the carcass of the lion, he had taken the honey.
Job 41:3
Will he multiply unto thee supplications, or will he speak unto thee softly?