Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


I have taught thee in the way of wisdom; I have led thee in right paths.

Bible References


Proverbs 4:4
So he taught me, and said to me - Let thy heart, lay hold of my words, Keep my commandments and live!
Deuteronomy 4:5
See! I have taught you statutes, and regulations, as Yahweh my God commanded me, - that ye should do so, in the midst of the land whereinto ye are entering to possess it.
1 Samuel 12:24
Only, revere Yahweh, and serve him in truth, with all your heart, - for see, what great things he hath done with you.
Ecclesiastes 12:9
Besides that, the Proclaimer being wise, - still further taught knowledge unto the people, and weighed and searched, arranged proverbs in abundance.


Proverbs 8:6
Hear, for, princely things, will I speak, and the opening of my lips shall be of equity;
Psalm 23:3
My life, he restoreth, He guideth me in right paths, for the sake of his Name.
Psalm 25:4
Thy ways, O Yahweh, let me know, Thy paths, teach thou me:
Acts 13:10
Said - O full of all guile, and all recklessness! Son of an adversary! Enemy of all righteousness! - Wilt thou not cease to pervert the straight ways of the Lord?