Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment:

General references

Bible References


Proverbs 3:6
In all thy ways, acknowledge him, and, he, will make straight thy paths.
Proverbs 4:11
In the way of wisdom, have I taught thee, I have guided thee in tracks of uprightness.
Proverbs 6:22
When thou walkest abroad, it shall guide thee, when thou sleepest, it shall watch over thee, when thou wakest, it shall speak to thee:
Psalm 23:3
My life, he restoreth, He guideth me in right paths, for the sake of his Name.
Psalm 25:4
Thy ways, O Yahweh, let me know, Thy paths, teach thou me:
Psalm 32:8
I will make thee discreet, I will point out to thee the way which thou must go, I will fix upon thee mine eye.
Isaiah 2:3
And many peoples shall go and say - Come ye, and let us ascend Unto the mountain of Yahweh Unto the house of the God of Jacob, That he may teach us of his ways, And we may walk in his paths, - For, out of Zion, shall go forth a law, And the word of Yahweh out of Jerusalem;
Isaiah 49:10
They shall neither hunger, nor thirst, Nor shall smite them the glowing sand, or the glaring sun, - For, he that hath compassion upon them, will lead them, And unto springs of water, will he conduct them.
Isaiah 55:4
Lo! As a witness to the peoples, have I given him, - As a leader and commander to the peoples:
John 10:3
To him, the porter openeth, and, the sheep, unto his voice, hearken: and, his own sheep, he calleth by name, and leadeth them forth.
Revelation 7:17
Because, the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne, shall shepherd them, and shall lead them unto life's fountains of waters; and God shall wipe away every tear out of their eyes.

In the

Proverbs 4:25
Let, thine eyes, right onward, look, - and, thine eyelashes, point straight before thee.
Deuteronomy 5:32
So then ye must observe to do, as Yahweh your God hath commanded you, - ye must not turn aside to the right hand or to the left.

General references

Psalm 25:4
Thy ways, O Yahweh, let me know, Thy paths, teach thou me: